"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Friday, June 15, 2012


Meditation is a form of mental exercise to help focus your mind. Meditation helps you be able to focus inside your own body and mind. You must be fully self aware to be able to focus energies into rituals. Things you can control are a great start. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Concentrate on each breath in and each breath out. Feel how it fills your lungs and how your heart reacts to the oxygen filling your lungs. With each breath in visualize a strong wind blowing through a room stirring things up, as you breath out visualize all the clutter blowing out the door. As you focus on your breath begin to be aware of your heart beating. Count each beat time your breaths by a beat count, breathe in for a count of three beats and then breath out for the same count.

Meditation is a focus on relaxation. It however is not a method of sleeping. It can be a means to falling asleep after clearing your mind. Meditation is a way of clearing your mind of extra activity and focusing it on a focal point. When I first began meditations I had a hard time staying awake. I had to learn to remain focused while relaxing my mind at the same time. A physical focal point may help. A candle flame, the smell of incense, the rhythm of instrumental music, the sound of a small fountain of water.

After you have mastered your own mind and body and are able to reach a meditative state of being relaxed while focusing your mind, you may begin to incorporate other focuses. Try focusing on things you are trying to decide. Focus your mind on the subject by visualizing it as a cube in your hands. Turn it over feeling each new side. Looking at it from all the different angles. Try each new one feeling how it feels looking for the one that feels best to you. I use this form of meditation to see different ways of viewing situations and finding possible solutions to things. I visualize two different cubes (problem and solution) and I turn them over in my hands until I find the two sides that fit together to make the two cubes into one larger cube and then I turn that one cube over until I find a side that is best.

After doing this you can focus on the different elements and see hem from all angles one at a time. You can visualize the many different aspects of each element individually. Weigh the various pros and cons of the element. How is it good, how can it be a bad thing? How does it effect everyday life? How does it fit with the other elements?

Meditation as a daily devotional is the best way to focus energies on the Goddess and God. When you reach the meditative state focus on them (Goddess-evening, God-morning), visualize the blessing you wish to receive from them, see those things happening in your mind. Focus on the outcome you want. Focus on why you should receive those blessing from them. Always remember they aren't too fond of greed. Something desired from greed may turn sour and rotten in the end. Anything you do or wish upon others will return to you by the powers of three.

Blessed be,
Lady Alice