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"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Calling the Quarters/ Casting a Circle

When calling the quarters you are doing more than just walking the cardinal directions of the compass. You are asking the elements in that direction to join and bless your magic. You're seeking their support and powers to assist with your workings. Respect and understanding is the first thing to begin with. With anything it is the first thing! You should know the workings of calling the quarters and casting your circle for anything to work, but if improperly called things can be disastrous. Knowing which direction to start and which direction to travel is a very important part of rituals. Begin in the East and call to the guardians while drawing an invoking pentagram in the air. Then move clockwise to the south, west, north, and finally returning to the east.

And invoking pentagram is drawn beginning at the top of the star drawing down to the bottom left point, up to the right point, across to the left point, down to the bottom right and finally up to the top point.
This pentagram should be drawn at each quarter. Using your athame or wand as a  focus of your energy. In your mind visualize what that element means to you, east-air could be a nice fresh breeze blowing, and so on. This closes your circle and those boundaries should be respected and not crossed.

As with anything, when casting a circle you will want to pick a time and location where you won't be disturbed. Choose an area with plenty of room to hold your working tools and altar but still allow you to move around freely. Nothing sucks in a ritual more than tripping around a bunch of stuff or having to get up and answer a doorbell! Your energies won't be properly focused and nothing will feel right. Also make sure you have everything you need before you begin. No one bakes a cake and then wants to have to run out to get eggs half way through! A proper circle has a diameter of 9 feet across. When you create a circle and call the quarters you are creating a doorway between the world of the living and the world of the gods. The boundary that forms as the circle creates a cone of power around and above the witch to allow them to focus their energies and draw energies from the gods and the elements. Taking that for granted and acting childishly is not wise at all. As with anything beware of what you wish for you just might get it!

Remember that any ritual is a reflection of the witch. Anything done for selfish gains or to cause harm to others is not taken lightly by the Goddess and God. All deeds are returned to the witch by three, so if all you do is act selfishly or viciously it will return to you much stronger than you sent out. Personal greed is a very evil deed!

Blessed Be
Lady Alice

A traditional circle has a 9 foot diameter and is advisable but if you don't have this much room make it as big as you can! Just be sure it is big enough for you to comfortably work within and to contain you and your altar! I once worked with an individual whose altar and circle were within a room that was too small for one person let alone two and his altar was entirely too big for such a small area.