"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Book of Shadows or Grimoire

            Each coven has their own book of shadows. It is best to write everything that is in it yourself whether it be copied from another or not. It used to be held that it be written in your own "hand of write". There is much speculation that this was so that you put a little of yourself into it. However in the Old Laws it states 'For an if it be found 'tis clear proof against you". So, I believe that this means that if they found a book that had another's hand writing in it it would be used against them as well. We no longer have to hide so much as before. So in this day and age, when we have mechanical means of processing words, you can rest assured that your hand writing can't be used against you. It makes sense to me that the coven book of shadows be in a form of writing that everyone in the coven can read and copy it. If you wish your personal book of shadows to be hand written then write it by hand! Your Book of Shadows can be everything from a specially bought blank book with the finest linen or parchment pages to a three ring binder and notebook paper. It can be bound in everything from leather to wood to plastic if you so wish it to be! Being able to add new pages easily is a good idea and something to keep in mind in it's creation. Several additions may be needed to contain it all as you learn and grow. (My current Book of Shadows has 4 volumes that are 3 inches thick each, which I have broken down into Rituals, Herbs, Basics, and Sabbats)
You should study your book of shadows and commit as much as possible to memory and learn the things you use most often by heart.  It is a bit hard to be in the middle of casting a circle and have to carry a book around with you! You should also add bits of yourself to it. If you find a new herb put a leaf or sprig with the page! Draw pictures! It is after all your book! Take care of it, keep it where it can't be destroyed! Keep it's secrets! There is no need to wave it about in front of anyone and everyone you meet. It's not their business. A boastful witch is not a very good thing to be anyways!