"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Friday, June 22, 2012

Magic Wands, Wands of Magic

Wands stir up images of wizards and dragons, but a wand is important for focusing energies especially during rituals to the element of air. The wand is a phallic symbol and masculine. It can be used in place of the Athame or sword when the element of air is involved as they are both symbols of fire. Wands can be everything from a raw twig to an elaborately ornate one that you buy! Some very important elements should however be kept in mind for your wand.
First being that materials should be natural! Wood makes most sense as a base but natural crystals and metals can also be included. Copper is a very conductive metal that can be easily wrapped around it and used to secure charms and crystals to it. Decorating your wand is a good idea but keep dangles to a minimum because you don't want to risk setting it on fire waving it near lit candles! I used to love adding feathers until I caught them on fire!!!

Second would be size! Yes in this case size does matter! So what is the right size? Well that depends on the witch! No two are the same because the wand should be the length of your forearm on the inside from the first crease at your wrist to the fold of your elbow. The thickness depends on what you want and if you want it carved deeply. It should be thick enough to hollow out on one end of it, or about as thick as your thumb. This hollow area should be where you put a little of you into it. I put my hair and a few drops of my blood in mine. This end can then be sealed off with bee's wax.

Third is that you shouldn't cut the tree from witch you get your wood from. I suggest going to the woods and finding a branch that has fallen naturally or even looking in your own yard. If you must trim a tree and you use a branch from this leave an offering for the spirit of the tree. The best type of wood to use is oak, driftwood, and ash. Just be sure that the branch you find isn't rotting!

You can sand it smooth or leave the natural bark on it. I have sanded mine and used a wood burner to carve and burn runes and other symbols and it has been polished with bee's wax. I found a branch with several twists and knots in it just because it was the one that called to me the most, I loved it's character! I have a moon stone in the end of it held in place by copper wire. I have heard some covens say they use a coven wand for group rituals, but I feel that each witch should have and use their own, because the wand works for the witch to focus their energies. Someone could be in a bad mood and use the coven wand and it will absorb those negative energies! A basic wand is pretty easy to make so I suggest trying that before you buy one.

 And last of all I have a friend who makes wands and claims to charge them for the next owner. No one can charge your wand for you but YOU. Another person's energies are not yours to use and you won't be able to channel theirs. I suggest you charge your own wand and not rely on the claims that "I charged it for you" be true! The best way to charge your tools with your energy is for you to handle them as much as you can. Clean them, pick them up, carry them with you when you can, just handle them often. Be sure to properly consecrate your tools before using them for ritual and keep them stored where no one can handle them and leave behind bad energies.

Blessed be,
Lady Alice