"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dark moon ritual

All you need is you and the Dark Moon! 

On the night of the Dark Moon, as late as you can possibly stay awake, stand outside and breathe in the blackness of the night. It is Hecate’s night, the Crone Goddess has covered you in her blanket and given you the time to consider all those things in your life that you no longer need. You are safe within the womb of the Dark Goddess.

Meditate on that which you wish to banish from your life. Take your time, allow Hecate to guide your thoughts.
When you are ready, and you feel that you know exactly what must be banished turn widdershins (counter clockwise) to the East. Feel Hecate cleanse your mind of all unhealthy thoughts.Turn widdershins to the North, feel Hecate cleanse your body of all unhealthy energies. Turn widdershins to the West, feel Hecate cleanse your emotions of all that is causing you pain.Turn widdershins to the South, feel Hecate cleanse your Spirit of all that is hindering your spiritual growth.Breathe in the darkness of the night, breathe in the regenerative power of the Dark Goddess Hecate. Know that you are cleansed and purified, ready to begin mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth with the coming of the New Moon.

This Dark Moon Ritual is to be performed anytime in honoring of the Goddess Hecate and/or performing any type of dark moon rituals and requesting Her assistance in your magic. Also, since this is a Dark Moon ritual, and you are working with the Crone and Her energies, there is no need to call in any God. Moon rituals are sacred and for the Goddess only. You call in the Goddess and God at Sabbats, as the Sabbats are the interaction between the Goddess and her Consort...between Earth and Sun. And the Moon is for the Goddess only!

Arrange your altar with all of your tools and other items the way you wish and then bless the altar saying:

"I bless You now that You may aid

The energy flow as magic is made

I cast out negative energy

Leaving only the positive to live and breathe

Within you as I start this Rite

Blessed be in joy, love and light."

Then pick up the wand and draw an invoking pentagram in the air above the altar. Replace the wand and say:

"Blessed Be, O Creature of Light Tools now of magic with power and might."

RITUAL SWEEP WITH BESOM (going widdershins)

"Witche's Broom, swift in flight
Cast Out Darkness, Bring in Light
Earth be hallow; Air be clear; Fire bright; as water heals
A sacred bridge this site shall be, as my will, so mote it be."

CAST THE CIRCLE with your sickle or staff. (Note, some Witches are using a Sickle to cast the Circle of Hecate. The sickle is the symbol of the Crone--of harvesting and death. It is an ancient women's tool--more so than the sword.)

"I conjure thee, great womb of the Goddess Hecate
Cauldron of a Witche's power, within who's sacred precinct
are we separate from the world of care, safe from harm and strife.
May it be a shield against all wickedness and evil;
A boundary between the world of seekers
and the realm of the Mighty Ones;
a guardian and protection that shall preserve and contain
the powers that we shall raise this night of the Dark Moon
Wherefore, do I bless thee and consecrate thee
in the name of the Goddess Hecate."

Bless and consecrate the water, incense, and salt which is on your altar with your athame by casting out any impurities and uncleanliness of the spirit unknown. Then combining salt and water cleanse circle with a chant. Then add your incense to your charcoal and cleanse circle chanting a chant.


The Circle is sealed and I am
completely cut off from the outside world
so that I may give honor to the Goddess Hecate,
Great Goddess of the Dark Moon.


"Three Candles I do Light
In Honor of Thee, O Goddess this sacred Night
White for the Maiden pure as Snow
Red for the Mother full within, and
Black for the Crone, old and wise"


"I call upon She who unveils the mystery,
Ancient Crone, Hecate, who reigns as darkness falls upon the unlit sky
Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.
Hecate, this is your time, Eternal Goddess, Lady of the Night.
I have prepared this sacred Circle for you, O Wise One,
Come now into me, your Priestess,
Fill me with your presence
O gracious Queen of Witches
As I do perform this Rite in your honor."

(Imagine the Dark Moon and see this haze descending from the moon into you. Feel Her slowly envelope you, starting at the top of your head and slowly moving down to your feet. Feel this vibrating energy of the Goddess Hecate fill your very being. When Her energies reach your feet, know that you are walking as Hecate, as She is you and you are She.)

Charge of the Crone Hecate

"I am the Queen of Magic, hidden in the deepest night.
I am the mystery of the other world and the fear that coils
about your heart in the times of your trial. I am the soul of
nature that gives form to the Universe.
My torches light the way for enlightenment and illumination.
My sickle of death cuts away things that are dead & no longer needed
It is I who awaits you at the end of your spiral dance.
I am She who has no secrets but a thousand secrets.
I am the aged Old Crone of Darkness who face of death
portends life anew and filled with Luna's secrets.
All acts of magick and mysteries are my rituals and
My greatest ritual is love itself.
You who seek to remove My veil and know My true face,
Know that all your questing and efforts are for not,
Until thy own face beholds and knows the mysteries of they own self.
For you to truly know Me, you must look in your own heart
and know and accept thy self.
For those of you who call upon Me
and My powers for magic, beware!
For My magic is swift and without regards to the consequences.
Those that know Me shall glide safely through troubles,
For it is My dark cloak of protection that is wrapped about you.
Close your eyes My child and call to me, for I am there,
within your Darkness."


"In this most sacred Night of the Dark Moon
And mystical hour of the night
Does the Goddess Hecate reign supreme
And in Her name do I now give Her praise.

If you wish to do some sort of magick to banish poverty, unhappiness, etc., or do a protection spell, this would be the time to do it. If someone has harmed you, and you need justice, you will find a chant to Hecate to be useful with candle magick, poppet, parchment magic. But other than that, this ritual can stand alone to simply honor the Crone Hecate when the moon is dark.

Blessings of Cakes and Wine to Hecate

Wine should be in Chalice and with athame bless the wine and then the cakes as follows:

"I bless thee of Creature of Wine (cakes)
Knowing that when I drink (eat) of thee
I partake in the powers of the mysteries of You
Great Goddess Hecate"

LIBATION (Take the chalice of wine in both hands and hold it up and say:)

"In honor of the O Great Goddess Hecate
Do I pour this Libation and drinketh this Toast
All Life is your Own
All fruits of the Earth your power, your wisdom, your liberation
I thank You for Your blessings and strength
Join with me; Feast with me; Enjoy with me."
(You can pour a few drops of wine onto the ground in front of the altar as an offering to Hecate, if you are outside. If you are inside, then pour some wine into your Libation bowl along with an offering of cakes) Then raise the chalice to your lips and drink.)

(You can now medicate, consult the tarot, or any other divinatory devices, or simply sit back and relax. Remember eating of the cakes helps ground you from the energy of the circle, and from the cone of power that you built if you did magick.)


O Hecate, My Queen, My Goddess
You who awaits for me at the end of Life.
I thank you for thy blessings and of your spirit from your
Cauldron of the sacred fire on this night of the Dark Moon
I bid thee farewell
(Put out Goddess candle)

Thanking the Triple Goddess

Wise Crone, who face is hidden from the starlit night
Thank you for joining my sacred this night.
I bid thee farewell
(Put out Crone/black Candle)

Mother, nurturer and giver of life
Who dances across the nightly sky in your silvery light
Thank you for joining my sacred circle this night
I bid thee farewell
(Put out the Mother/red candle)

Maiden, bringer of new ideas and inspiration
Who dances across the sky in carefree glee and anticipation
Thank you for joining my sacred circle this night
I bid thee Farewell
(Put out the Maiden/white candle)


Remember that the Dark moon and the New moon are not the same thing. The Dark moon is when there is no moon, The New moon is when the slightest sliver of the moon reappears after the Dark moon.

Blessed be,

Lady Alice