"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Basics are Basic

I have given a list and break down of the basic ritual tools used for witchcraft. For all rituals and Sabbat rituals you will need these tools. There are other tools that we use. Various different herbs, stones or crystals, oils, even fruits and vegetables, and a few other things. Usually a ritual requiring a special tool will state the reason for it.
There are several ways a witch can come about their tools but the one way it should never happen is by deception. Lying, cheating, conning, stealing, and other negative means of procurement are all just that NEGATIVE and those tools will be forever negatively charged and completely useless! You can buy your tools, you can use things you already had, or you can be given them as a gift.

You should also use what ever tools you have only for rituals and not for any other use. They should be stored out of reach of others who may be tempted to touch them and leave behind their own energies. They should be routinely cleaned and maintained. Like oiling you cauldron or Athame to prevent rusting, or just washing and drying you challis after rituals. Not only will this make them last longer but will also charge them with your energy. The best way to store them is wrapped in either a white or black cloth. When acquiring a new set of cords you can wear them around your waist, to help charge them.  Your tools should all be properly consecrated. Candles can be anointed with specific oils before rituals to help boost their energies. Herbs should be freshly cut just before ritual if at all possible. If dried herbs are used try to grow your own and dry them. They should be harvested by the light of the full moon or at least at night and dried by hanging them in bunches above your altar. If you buy them (which I sometimes do), try to get the fresh kind and dry them yourself. They should be then stored in an airtight container. The longer they are stored the less potent they become so try to dry them as need be.

Blessed be,
Lady Alice