"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Incense can open the mind through the sense of smell! Different smells can have a strong effect on the mind, they can trigger memories and influence emotions. Our sense of taste and smell are so closely related that without one we cannot have the other. Incense can be used during meditations to focus the mind. Different types burn differently and for different duration. Sticks will burn at different rates depending on size. Cones can burn for a long time because of their high resin content. You can burn whole resins using charcoal burners (please use caution with charcoal inside). Whether you make your own or buy them is up to you. The type you use is also up to your comfort levels, some people find the smell of burning incense to be too strong. I suggest they try to use essential oils and a warmer or scented candles because they have a milder odor. Which ever you choose to use please be sure to use caution! Burn them on a heat proof surface in a stable area! I suggest placing them in a heat proof dish on a bed of sand to absorb the heat. Carefully handle the censor as you lift and move it.

Different scents can have different influences on the mind and can be different for every individual. Some might find the smell of hot apple pie or cookies baking to be a reminder of childhood while others may not enjoy so fondly. The same with incense. This is a general meaning list, but I suggest finding the smells that work best for yourself. Experiment and try many!

Blue Berry - Burn to keep unwanted influences away from your home and property
Carnations - A sweet floral scent traditionally used for healing
Cherry - Sacred to Venus, attract and stimulate love
Cinnamon - Use to gain wealth and success
Coconut - Burn for protection and purification
Copal - Sacred to the Mayan and Aztecs, suitable for honouring the Gods
Frankincense - Draw upon the energy of the sun to create sacred space, consecrate objects, and stimulate positive vibrations
Honeysuckle - Burn for good health, luck, and psychic power
Jasmine - For luck in general, especially in matters relating to love
Lotus - For inner peace and outer harmony, to aid in meditation and open the mind's eye
Musk - Burn for courage and vitality, or to highten sensual passion
Myrrh - An ancient incense for protection, healing, purification and spirituality
Patchouli - An earthy scent used in money and attraction spells
Pine - Burn for strength, and to reverse negative energies
Rose - For love magick, and to return calm energies to the home, to honour the Goddess in all her aspects
Sandalwood - A delicious all purpose scent used to heal and protect, also for purification
Strawberry - For love, luck and friendship
Tangerine - A solar aroma used to attract prosperity
Vanilla - Stimulate amorous appetites and enhance memory

Essential oils of the same scents can be used the same way. However their smells have a milder more pure odor to them. When substituting scented candles please be aware of corresponding candle colors. You can add a few drops of essential oil to the unscented candles you are using during rituals. However try not to cross scents. Don't add them to the candles you use for the quarters or the Goddess and God candles.

Incense can be expensive or they can be very cheap. Sometimes those cheaper brands are a better quality. If all you can afford is the dollar store variety that is fine. The cost isn't the focus the emotions stimulated by the scent is! I make my own at times blending special herbs minerals to suit the ritual, but this was something that took me a long time to learn and lots of trial and error to get right.

Blessed be,

Lady Alice