"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

About Us

We are a group of witches based in Northeast Georgia who don't follow a traditional path. We are female lead but we also have male members. Our High Council is made up of 4 females who run things in a sense that they arrange gatherings and rituals.  We have a male member who functions as our High Priest and assists in rituals when needed. We are currently open to new members after a "proving phase". We ask that if you wish to become a member of the coven you go through this phase so that you are able to know for sure if this is what you truly desire.

We currently only host formal gatherings once a year during Ostara. We do offer small rituals and gatherings throughout the year for certain Sabbaths. If you are nearby and would like to attend please message us at the coven email dancingmooncoven@yahoo.com and we will include you. We also still offer ceremonies such as Handfastings. We are not at this time offering the classes on basic Witchcraft we offered in the past due to the re-organizing we are doing. Accept our apologies for that. Hopefully in the future that will be something we can once again offer.

We are an unconventional coven and I know many people feel that you have to all follow a set path or have specific guidelines to call yourself a coven. We go based on the loose definition of a coven: cov·en, noun, a group or gathering of witches who meet regularly. We are a core group of witches who meet regularly with each other, but we chose to leave our circle open at times for others to join our gatherings if they wish. We also offer the service of helping others find covens located closer to them if needed. Our High Council meets almost daily in some way to discuss things we are working on.

If you feel that we don't fit your ideal as far as witches or covens are concerned that is your right but please do not spam us with hate mail or feel the need to inform us of this. We are not claiming to have lineage to any particular path or group. If you are a non pagan wishing to only be rude to us be informed that we will report you to law enforcement and let them handle it. Threats will not be tolerated. We are currently rebuilding ourselves so please bear with us and give us a little time!

Blessed be!
Lady Alice