"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inner workings of an eclectic coven

I have often been asked how do I call eclectics a coven. Well, Websters defines a coven as:

  1. A group or gathering of witches who meet regularly.
  2. A secret or close-knit group of associates.

So in a sense any group of witches can be eclectic! We hold meetings and encourage other witches to attend in order to share knowledge. No one can be completely self taught on everything! We are providing a means to meet with and share ideas with other pagan witches. No one person is wrong or judged and things are discussed in a reasonable manner. We do not tolerate insolence and rudeness. If two people disagree on something, debate is encouraged and allowed in a reasonable manner. After all, we are all adults and can discuss things without insult! Those who are incapable of this are told to leave. 

The coven proper is actually a group of elders elected to plan and arrange gatherings and schedule things. These elders are properly initiated and assigned a station. They are the ones who hear and decide disagreements. They are also the ones who provide for gatherings. Their time and efforts are valuable to the inner workings of the coven. 

An eclectic group provides fresh knowledge and ideas because unlike traditional covens we tend to still ask questions. Instead of following what one person says, we tend to bring ideas to the table, to try new things. For us things stay focused instead of repetition of the same material over again. Things are open to new people to attend as they see fit to  and when rituals are held we can have new faces at each different one. Usually when you have the same group and the same people it begins to become habit and things are simply done without thinking just following a set pattern, which works for some. We just provide a means for other witches to gather with fellow pagans to share knowledge and to gather knowledge. It is my opinion and experience that some traditional groups tend to be too focused on lineage, or proving that they are associated with so-and-so, and less focused on gathering new knowledge. More focus is placed on showcasing a list of names, than it is on providing knowledge to seekers.  These groups are more focused on this line of former initiates that they forget to keep the "bloodlines" open by admitting younger, new individuals to the group to carry things on when they no longer are able to. In this way knowledge is lost. 

As the High Priestess of this coven it is my concern to provide knowledge when knowledge is sought and to allow new faces to ask their questions and to allow them to grow at their own pace that feels right to them.  I wish to provide those who come to me for information with that which they seek but to also gain the things I myself don't know. I believe that a good teacher is not someone who spouts what they know but someone who realizes that the best teachers are those who never stopped being students.

Blessed be, 
Lady Alice