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Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Blessing Rituals

When you move into a new home you want it to be yours! One thing about not building your own home is that the person who lived before you in it leaves their energies, good or bad! I live in a home built in the 1880's, it has wonderful histories! But it also has those peoples' energies still in here! Some are not so bad but others...
The couple who we bought our home from bought it as a foreclosure. We got our house very cheap! However, when someone is facing foreclosure and are losing their home they aren't exactly in the best of moods. Tempers run high and bad moods prevail. This negativity stays. Most people can't feel it but it affects the moods in the house. It had to be cleaned before we moved in. There have been other negative energies left behind as well. A mother with postpartum depression tried to commit suicide in the house. Older owners were forced to leave to go into nursing homes. 

A serious cleansing was needed. This is what I did, so that maybe if you are also in need you can too!

This is a 3-fold cleanse, purification, and blessing. Part of the appeal of the Three-Fold House Cleansing & Blessing Ritual is that you can easily do it on your own, and it is very effective.
It uses 3 different smudges.
  1. Sage

  2. Cedar

  3. Sweetgrass

Wiccan Gods and Goddesses for House Cleansing Ritual
Here are some Deities that could be appropriate for this House Cleansing Ritual:
Wiccan Goddesses
Artemis is always helpful for protection, Hera or Hestia/Vesta or Durga or Frigg for hearth and home, Tara (white for healing and serenity or red for bringing good things)
Pagan Gods
Govinda as preserver and protector, Vishnu to maintain. Shiva is always perfect for a purification ritual.

  Begin your house cleansing ritual by grounding, casting a Circle, invoking the elements/directions, and inviting any deities or guides you may like to help you. (This step is not strictly necessarily, but it will increase the potency of the work and also provide protection against unpleasant energies.)
  Light a candle, invoking Divine Light and/or welcoming the Element of Fire. Wash yourself with the Light.
  Then apply the sage to the candleflame, and get it smouldering. Go around the house in a counterclockwise(Widdershins) direction, wafting the smoke into every corner and closet.
Pay particular attention to areas where water, electricity, or gas comes in or out, where the electrical panel is located, any heat sources, and appliances.
Remember the hallways are rooms of a sort, too.
  In the centre of each room, draw a circle or pentacle Above, and one Below.
  At every window, and even more so at every entryway, work the smudge in a circle spiraling in to the centre, or draw a pentacle with the smudge.
  While smudging with the sage, repeat this prayer:

Cleanse this house and make it clear —
Only good may enter here!

  When you've completed the house, snuff out the sage.
  Light the cedar, and go around the house. Use the same process, except for the rest you will go clockwise (deosil).
While smudging with the cedar, repeat this:

Blessings grace this cozy place it
All joy and peace may it embrace

  After you've gone through the whole house, snuff out the cedar, and light the sweetgrass.
While smudging with the sweetgrass, in a clockwise (deosil) direction through the house, repeat this:

Infinite Power of the Divine
Protect and bless this house through time!

  Once you've done the inside, go around the entire outside of the house with each smudge just as you did inside, and repeating the pentacle seal on every entryway.
You may also do this around the entire property (unless other families live there too).
  End with this completion:

By the Power of the Divine
This home is Blessed!
Blessed Be!

  At the end of your house cleansing ritual, devoke any deities, guides, and elements/directions you've invoked, open the Circle, and snuff the candle.
Take a moment to feel the energy of the house now. It should feel very light, spacious, and clear.

I also included the mirrors in the house, especially the ones that were already here. Take your time and go through thoroughly. 

Blessed be,
Lady Alice

 I am asking for any other types of home cleansing and blessing rituals anyone would like to share. Please email them to me and I will list them here with a credit to the sender.