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Monday, November 26, 2012

Palm Reading: The Fingers Cont. Jewelry(Lesson 8)

This post is to continue the lesson on the fingers. Jewelry on the fingers can be a good indication of a person's character.

Subconsciously a person will favor a finger to "decorate" if that is their dominate characteristic.

A person who wears many rings on all their fingers is wearing emotional "armor" or relies on outside influences. A person who wears no rings or just a basic wedding band shows a person who puts stock in the value of life's simple things.

Rings on the index finger can show ambition or a need to enhance one's ego, too many rings show a person who has a loud ego that needs feeding or is overly ambitious.

Rings on the middle finger can show how materialistic a person is. Depending on how extravagant the rings are can show how much value the person puts into things of a material value.

The ring fingers are usually over looked but can also give a good indication of a person's emotional attachment to relationships. A man or woman who has a very ornate wedding ring or engagement set may show a person who puts their whole emotion into a relationship. A person with just a simple wedding band on the left hand is a person who values the simple things in a relationship and are easily pleased just being with the person they devote their life to. A person who wears rings on all the fingers except the left ring finger can be a person who is emotionally detached in a relationship or someone who cannot commit to a relationship. Rings on the right hand ring finger show a persons creativity.

Rings on the pinkie finger can show a person who likes to feel self important or show of their need to be seen as an important person. These people usually have a flamboyant nature.

Blessed be,
Lady Alicee