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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Palm Reading: Interpreting the Fingers (Lesson 7)

In palm reading each individual  finger has a meaning as well as it's relation to the other fingers and the palm as well. When reading the fingers you have to take into account previous injuries or illness such as arthritis that has changed their shapes and can give a deceptive reading.

On average the length of the longest finger is almost the same as the length of the palm about 7/8 the length. If the fingers are the same or longer than the palm the person is considered to have long fingers. Likewise, shorter than 7/8 they have short fingers. A person with flexible fingers that can be bent backwards with ease shows a person who is well balanced but impatient by nature, where as a person who has fingers that can't be bent easily shows an honest person who is stubborn by nature.

The fingers on an average hand have a standard relation to where their tips reach in relation to the other fingers. The tip of the thumb usually meets the index finger where the first section of the index finger leaves the palm. The index finger reaches to the first third of the nail on the middle finger. The middle finger is usually the longest. The ring finger usually reaches the beginning edge of the nail of the middle finger. The little finger usually reaches the top joint (bend) of the ring finger.

The length and size of a persons fingers can tell you who they are intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Long and slim fingers show a person who is more emotional and aggressive in personality. Short and thick fingers show a person who is more emotionally comfortable. Heavy or thick fingers show a person who is more physical in nature.

The index finger shows a person's dominance. A longer than average finger shows a natural leader, however, if it is shorter the person usually sits back and lets others tell them what to do.  The index finger is the ego of the person or how the appear to others and how they feel about themselves. It is the one that shows what career would be good for them.

The middle finger shows a persons social behavior. A longer middle fingers shows someone who is introverted and tends to keep to themselves and can be prone to anti-social behaviors. Where a shorter middle finger tends to be a person who has no sense of responsibility and is generally lazy. A normal length finger is a person who cares about the opinion of others and tends to treat others respectfully and has a drive to get ahead in life.

If the ring finger is longer than normal the person may be artistic in nature and be more reckless in their choices or a wild nature. This finger shows a persons drive to be known. A long ring finger can show a person with a creative nature, if the finger is longer than the index finger the person may be a risk taker or a gambler. However a person with a short ring finger is usually more cautious and frugal and has no desire for fame.

The little finger shows a persons ability to communicate and shows their ability to articulate their thoughts. If the little finger is shorter than normal the person lacks the ability to influence others and does not have the ability to speak their mind to others and usually has an inferiority complex, but if it is longer than normal the person is articulate and good at writing or selling things and ideas to others. A person with a short little finger usually can not control their emotions or what they say, they are usually childish or have a lower than average intelligence level. A little finger with a thick base is a very sensual natured person who enjoys a quiet simple life.
      The major indications of these fingers are:
The Index Finger- Ambition, self esteem, and desire to lead
The Middle Finger-  Sense of responsibility
The Ring Finger- Fame, intelligence, and creativity
The Little Finer- Wit, ability to communicate, mental state, and professionalism

The thumb is the most important finger to interpret. It represents the whole hand and should be the first part of the hand to be read. It shows a persons life force and will power. The first section of the thumb connected to the hand is the person's will power it should be shorter than the second section or the tip of the thumb. The tip shows a persons logic or ability to reason. Will power should always be less that logic because decision making, it should be based on logic and not fantasy or stubborn refusal to accept. In general a person with a long thumb where the two sections are almost equal shows a well balanced individual. A very long thumb however is not good because it shows over thinking or a person that is overly logical or overly strong willed.
   A straight thumb shows a person who is tough, rigid, determined and reliable, these people tend to have few friends because of their rigid nature. An overly flexible thumb shows a person who is less trust worthy and  incapable of leading because they do not stand by their word. They are not able to achieve long term goals because they live life for the day and never take things seriously. It is good to have a semi flexible thumb.
  A thumb shaped like an hour glass shows a person who is weaker physically but has great strength in arguments.
   A High set thumb on the palm shows a person who is stingy in money matters where a low set thumb shows a generous nature.
   A pointed thumb indicates creativity and intelligence.
   A wide thumb shows an obstinate person.
   A square thumb is a person who is clever and a true realist and leader.

The shape of the fingers also has a relationship to personality. However some people have a few different types of shapes on one hand. This helps to create diversity in a person. If looking at the hand turn the hand over and look at the finger nails they usually give a good idea of the over all shape of the fingers.

    Pointed shaped fingers have almond shaped nails. It shows an artistic natured person. These people tend to be more in tuned with nature and are more flexible willed.

    Cone shaped fingers have oval shaped nails. Shows a person with a great imagination or a story teller. These people also tend to be well groomed.

    Square shaped fingers have square nails. It shows a down to earth quality in a person. They tend to be more business minded and rational. These tend to be more conservative in nature.

    Spade shaped fingers have nails that are almost triangle shaped, rounded square at the nail base and broaden as the come to the tip. Shows a creative and inventive person by nature. They tend to have good work ethics and value for hard work. These people tend to have more knowledge over many subjects and

A person with straight fingers are considered honest, diligent, energetic, and just by nature. These types of people do very well in life.

A person with knotty fingers tend to be extremely practical and are great planners. They are usually straightforward in life.

Fingers that curve or bend are usually devious and deceitful.

Long nail beds show a person with a soft heart whereas short nail beds show a paranoid and uneasy nature. Wide nail beds show a stubborn quarrelsome person, where narrow nail beds show a conservative and refined nature.

Blessed be,
Lady Alicee