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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Palm Reading: Lesson 4

I'm going to explain the Head Line today. The head line should be read from the thumb to the pinkie finger or towards each other in up turned palms.

The head line is the line that spans the hand and runs below the heart line. The head line is an indicator of how the person learns, communicates, and also denotes their intellect and their drive to learn. A curved line is a sign of a person who is spontaneous and creative while a straight line shows someone who likes structure and practical things.

   A short line shows a person who is very centered around physical things as apposed to mental. (they value making something over learning something new)
   A curved sloping line is a very creative person, they can think things up and then make them happen.
   A line that does not touch the life line is an individual who craves adventure and new things.
   A wavy line is a person with a short attention span or someone who is easily distracted.
   A deep, long, straight, or almost straight line is a person with very focused ability to think.
   A straight line shows a person who is able to think things through reasonably.
   A circle around or a cross of the line shows a period of mental crisis or instability.
   A broken or several breaks in the line (stops and restarts) shows periods of indecision or periods of rapid changes in thoughts. Multiple breaks show areas of decision making in major areas of life.

 A frayed end to the head line can show a person who may be at risk for a mental illness or instability towards the end of their life. Depending on how strong the line begins and ends can show a person who began life as a struggle (possibly premature or in a family situation less than favorable), if the line becomes strong and deep the person will develop success, it can also show a person with a strong beginning to life that becomes unstable and broken.

Branches along the head line can show favorable or challenging mental moments in life. Branches that rise towards the fingers show areas where the person will make favorable choices, where as branches turning down towards the wrists may show areas where the person made regrettable choices or decisions that won't turn out so well. Rising branches at the end of a break show an end to depression. Branches that fall show great sadness during that period of life. ( I have a branch in my head line that connects to both my heart and life lines, I believe this branch shows the sadness that I will always feel for the loss of my son but it also shows the acceptance I have found) However a branch that reaches to the heart line only can show a person who is emotionally detached and loves more with their head than their hearts. It can also show an affair that may change the direction of the persons love life.

A line that curves downward shows a person who is artistic and capable of meeting challenges by thinking outside the box. A straight steady level line shows a level headed individual who thinks things through before deciding. A line that curves up slightly towards the end shows and individual who is determined to succeed.

Blessed be,
Lady Alicee