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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Palm Reading: Lesson 5

This lesson will focus on the life line of the palm. This is the line that starts at the top of the thumb base, between the thumb and index finger, and curves around the palm to the wrist. It should be read in this direction as well.

The life line shows a persons physical health, general well being, and major life changes like cataclysmic or traumatic events such as severe injuries, sudden moves. The length of the line has nothing to do with the length of the person's life. This line should be read from the thumb to the wrist.

   A line that runs close to the thumb is a person who is always tired.
   A curvy line usually has plenty of energy.
   A long deep line is a person full of vitality.
   A short shallow line shows a manipulative person.
   A line that curves around and makes a half circle is a person with strength and enthusiasm.
   A line that is straight and close to the edge of the palm shows a person who is cautious when it comes to relationships.
   If there are several lines, maybe even twisted together, it is a person with extra vitality.
   A circle or loop in the line is an injury or hospitalization.
   A break in the line or cross shows a sudden change in life style.

The line can be divided into three major areas, the top being their youth, the central area early adulthood, and the bottom third of the line their later life. Look for marking within these areas and you can tell when in their life the event happened or will happen. Palm reading should not be used for reading far into a person's future because their changes in situation and choices they make during these determine which path they will take.

 Strong set lines that can not change or fade are a good sign of something fate has in store for the person that can't be avoided no matter which direction their life takes. A deep set line near these areas shows a person who will be able to push through and handle this event. A line that continues stronger after the even shows they will be stronger after it happens where as a line that is light and frayed shows a hard time over coming the event or that the person relies on others to make their choices for them during this period.

A line that runs away from the thumb to the center or other side of the palm shows a person who travels most of their lives.

A line with many loops that look like a chain is a person who has a lifetime of health problems. This does not always mean the person is sickly. My son has such a line and only has seasonal allergies.

Lines that cross the line in one spot forming a star show a period of a major life crisis, usually a very traumatic event, both emotionally and physically.

Lines extending above the line towards the fingers indicates a person who can overcome those events. Where as lines extending down towards the wrists shows a person who likes to waste their time and energy.

Again with this line breaks and splits towards the end denote major health issues towards the end of their life, a line that slowly fades out shows a person who will end life peacefully and calmly in old age. A line that abruptly ends or ends with several breaks before stopping suddenly may denote a sudden unexpected death or accident that ends their life. A warning about this end of the line, it is best not to interpret this part of the line for individuals. It is better not to know. Telling them could cause them to live their lives carelessly and change the path their life is on. This area of the line will also make many changes during a persons life time and there is no true way of know a full timeline for how long or how short their life will be.

Blessed be,
Lady Alicee