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Friday, November 16, 2012

Palm Reading: Lesson 6

This post will focus on the last of the 4 major lines on the palm, the fate line. Not everyone has this line but if they do it usually runs down the center of the palm. This line should be read from the wrist up towards the fingers.

The fate line is also known as the line of destiny and can show how a person responds to and how much their lives are affected by external circumstances beyond their control.

   A deep pronounced line shows a person whose life is very controlled by fate or someone who leaves everything up to chance.
   If the line has many breaks and changes the persons life has had many changes due to outside forces they cannot control.
   If the line begins attached to the life line the individual is someone who sets their own destiny and begins life with set aspirations.
   If the line joins to the life line some where in the middle it shows a period where the person turned choices in life over to someone else.
   If the line begins next to the thumb and crosses over the life line the person was given support from family and friends.
   If the line begins at the base of the palm on the side opposite the thumb then the person will find themselves in the public eye. Politicians and entertainers have this kind of line.
   If there is a break as the line crosses the head line the person will make a successful career leap at middle age.

This line, like the life line, can be divided into three areas to show youth, adult, later adulthood.
A star at the end of the line shows that destiny has marked the person for success in life.

Lines crossing the fate line show areas where others are will test fate and affect destiny. Where circles or loops on the line show areas where fate will test the person.

Blessed be,
Lady Alicee