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In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Palm Reading: Lesson 3

Today I am going to focus on one of the 4 major lines of the palm. The heart line.

The heart line can be read in either direction depending on the hand you are reading. Generally from the heart out. The heart line represents emotional stability, romantic relations, and cardiac health. Things to look for with the heart line are where it begins, where it ends, and if it is scarred, crossed, or splits/branches.

   If it begins below the index finger the person is content with their love life.
   If it begins below the middle finger the person is selfish in a relationship.
   If it is straight and short the person has no interest in love or relationships.
   If it touches their life line the person falls in love easily and has their hearts broken just as easily.
   If it is long and curvy the person is open and easily expresses their feelings and emotions.
   If it is straight and parallel to the head line the person has a firm grasp on their emotions.
   If it is wavy the person will take on many relationships never having any serious relations.
   A circle on the lines shows a state of depression.
   A break in the line is a period of emotional trauma.
   Smaller lines crossing the line are moments of emotional trauma or bad relationships.
The deeper and stronger looking the line is the stronger the love a person has to give and the more likely they are to be lovable.
Blessed be,
Lady Alicee