"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Friday, July 13, 2012

Witch's Boards

A witch's board or a Quija Board is not something the dabblers and fools should mess with. They are a gate way between worlds and they invite the spirit entity to communicate through you! In other words possess your body! Just like all magic and rituals in witchcraft they have to be properly opened and closed. Spirits aren't always good and friendly. With this warning there are still those out there who will ignore me, so here is a little information on them.
Witch boards are a means of communicating with spirits for use by very advanced witches. Some spirits are bad, just like there are bad people, these spirits will lie to you and try to get you to keep coming back until they fully possess you. They entice you to keep coming back with promises of connecting you with loved ones, but they can't put you in contact with those who have passed on to the Summerlands.  They just want you to keep bumbling around with the gate and not shutting it down properly. This leaves it open so they can freely move back and forth between worlds unhindered.

Years ago companies that make board games decided it would be good fun to manufacture and distribute these boards. Making them look like kids' toys. They aren't toys. Using spirits and contacting ghosts is not a game and should be left for truly advanced mediums and spiritualists.

The answers you get can be deceptive and the board can become an addiction. Please do not ever use one of these as a party game. It's not a game or a toy to be taken lightly. Bad spirits have nothing but bad intentions. They will seek out the weakest individual to possess and if you are going at it alone they will begin to control you. You will keep going back over and over again.

Blessed be,
Lady Alice