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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dealing With Stress in Children With Meditation

My children go back to school soon, and they are so anxious. It's stressful for the whole family. Shopping for uniforms, supplies, and just meeting new teachers! I like to help my kids with this transition by helping them to meditate. Here is how meditation can work for children (even my rambunctious two year old and my exploring 5 month old) to help them slow down and think clearly during stressful situations.

The first thing to do is close the curtains and dim the lights. For children the point of meditation is not to open all the senses but to help them calm down the unneeded ones and focus on important things. Removing as many distractions as possible is the key. Play some soft music. I prefer something soft and calming like Mozart or Brahms.  For older children have them lay down and close their eyes, ask them to breath slowly in and out. Ask them to focus on the music and to imagine each note as a color in their minds. Talk softly to them and keep things calm. For smaller children lay them in your lap and gently rub their temples with a little oil. Hum along with the music while rubbing their hair.

The point of this meditation with children is not to heighten their senses but to suppress them. It is essentially an exercise in sensory deprivation. It is to help them relax and release stress. Help them to reach a relaxed state. Smaller children may fall asleep which is fine.

Once they have reached a calm relaxed state calmly discuss their concerns about the up coming event, have them tell what they most look forward to. Keep things calm and relaxed. Help them come up with a plan to overcome their fears. Talk about what would help them feel less stressed or afraid. For my 7 year old we came up with magic shoes. Just a regular pair of shoes that we bless. For my 16 year old it's letting him go to open house alone.

This meditation helps them to relax and focus on issues and talk about them. Children can become over stimulated and not be able to focus and handle the over load of emotions so well. They need help controlling things and relaxing.

I hope this helps your children.

Blessed be,
Lady Alice