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"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Protection Charm

This is a pretty powerful protection spell. It should be preformed during the full moon (the next being august 2, full moon schedules) at midnight.
Items you will need are:
article you wish to charm (I use a small locket, or bottle that can be hung around the neck or carried in the pocket, with algiz painted on it. The person I got this from made small sachets to put it in and embroidered algiz into it.)
Blue, white candles
Anise seeds
Garlic clove
Black Pepper
Eucalyptus Oil

Call the quarters and cast your circle, anoint the blue candle with the eucalyptus oil. Use your Boline or Athame to inscribe the candle with the rune "Algiz", the rune of protection. This candle should be left to burn out completely so I suggest a tea candle or other small short duration candle.

Light the white candle and invoke the Goddess Harimella, the goddess of protection.

Put garlic, anise seed and pepper in the charm and light the blue candle. Pass the charm above the flame of the blue candle (be careful not to get burned or set it on fire) and say:
    "Protect the wearer of the charm,
protect them from all harm"

Do this 6 times. Meditate on putting love and protection into the charm and envision it keeping the wearer safe and protected within a bubble of white light flowing from the charm.

When you are done put out the white candle and the god and goddess candles you may have lit. Leave the blue candle burning. Release the quarters and dismiss your circle.
Clean up!

Give the charm to the intended wearer or start wearing it immediately if you made it for yourself!

Blessed be,
Lady Alice

PS this is what Algiz looks like!