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In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Black Mass

R. B. from Winder, GA wrote to me asking about a rite called the Black Mass. He wanted to know what it is and how to preform it.

Let me state this, as a witch we do not adhere to Christian Dogma in any form. The Black Mass is a parody or perversion of the Catholic Mass. It is a perversion of the Host. No witch I have ever met has taken part in such an atrocity. Many different accounts of the rite include such things as murder of children, saying the Catholic Mass in reverse, sexual perversions (including sexual molestation of children), and profaning stolen hosts. True witches do not believe in perverting other religions. We also do not believe in harming anyone else, especially children. It is my belief that this rite was either a lie put out by others to make witches look bad, or something done by those Christians trying to go against the Church. Either way it was not done by witches. The most reported accounts of this rite are in the Malleus Maleficarium, and there for a scare tactic to encourage hatred of witches.

For anyone to call themselves witches and then claim to have taken part in one of these rites is no more than fluffy behavior, or individuals looking for attention by claiming to be something that goes against social norms.  These are the same types of people who do outrageous things just to gain attention for themselves in some way or other. They have no faith in the Wiccan religion and are those people you often see on the news who have done something horrible in the name of witchcraft. They are the ones who give other real witches a bad name and are themselves not even witches. A true witch can tell you exactly why this type of rite goes completely against the true beliefs of Witchcraft.

So, Mr. R. B. in short if you are a beginner witch and another claiming to have been a witch told you of this you have been mislead. They can come to me if they wish to disagree. If you are an individual who just happened to hear of such revolting acts and think it would be cool and get you attention I suggest you grow up a little. Last but not least, if you are an individual who has been going about witchcraft because you want to call yourself a witch to get attention you need to rethink why you are like this, are you rebelling against yourself? If this is a misdirection due to poor solitary seeking I am more than happy to teach you the right ways of Witchcraft.

Blessed be,
Lady Alice

PS The Malleus Maleficarium was a book handed out to witch hunters first written in 1487, in Germany. It detailed how the Church thought you could identify a witch, ways to force a confession, and how to properly execute witches. Under the rule of identification all people would fit and having to undergo the methods for getting someone to confess anyone may say that they are just to have it end. If one was to read this book today they would see it for the ridiculous joke that it is.