"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blue Moon Ritual

This year's blue moon, or thirteenth full moon, will be August 31. This can be a time of personal cleansing, or a time to seek the Goddess's blessing. Here is a blue moon cleansing ritual!


Items you will need are:
Floating candles (If done in a group everyone should bring their own)
Cauldron or large bowl
Pen or Athame for carving the candles

*This ritual should be done under the full moon outside if possible*

Begin by ritually cleansing the area and yourselves with a sage smudge stick.
Set up your altar.
Cast your circle and call the quarters as usual.
Invoke the Goddess.
Place the water filled cauldron in the middle of the altar.
Everyone should write what they wish to release on their candles and place them into the cauldron.
As the candles are placed into the water each person should declare what they are releasing.
Light the candles.
Feel what you wish to release flow into the candle and out of you.
After all candles are lit everyone should chant 3 times:
"Blue moon full and bright,
Thirteenth moon of lunar light,
May triumph reign upon this night,
As change begins by sacred rite!
So mote it be!"

Now is the time for cakes & ale, and for meditations and discussions.
Release the circle and dismiss the quarters as usual.
Allow the candles to continue to burn in the water. The flame is a symbol of cleansing and release. Celebrate this release with a feast under the full moon! Be sure to remember to place an offering to the Goddess outside from the feast! Stay focused on who you wish to be and who you are becoming!

Blessed be,
Lady Alice