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"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sexual Beliefs of a Witch

So a close family friend (who shall remain anonymous, but is never the less highly valued for their acceptance and love) has brought it to my attention that a local preacher has taken to stating facts about  a "local group of evil witches" (meaning me) who are sexual deviants who practice in, what they have from inside information (really now, I say LIAR), sexual deviations. They have taken to stating that witches are well known for their beliefs in sexual perversions, practices of rape, molestation, wild sexual orgies, and bestiality. Well...

I want to take this moment to let every Christian that believes the lies know the truth from a witch's personal stand point since I am personally being attacked. First, we do not believe in rape or molestation of anyone, any age, or anything! We are just as against it as anyone else with any type of moral fiber! As someone who was a victim of rape, I think for anyone to say I support it is a smack in my face. I have felt the degradation, fear, pain (both physical and emotional), humiliation, disgust, and public guilt of being raped by someone who took from me things I did not offer. I have had others around me try to convince me that I must have done something to provoke it, to the point I personally began to believe it. There is no way I would ever support the practice of anything that would cause the same emotional pain in anyone else. No witch I know has ever committed anything remotely near any of the allegations. We value the lives and personal freedoms of all living beings and would never do anything to harm them or against their wills!  Anyone who says they have done any of these things in the name of witchcraft is a liar and a fraud! The witches (Wiccan) Rede clearly states "And HARM ye NONE..." this includes animals as well as people. I have friends who are in polygamous, polyandrous  and poly-amorous relationships, but these individuals are all loving consenting adults who do not "swing", have orgies, or force others to take part in any aspect of their sex lives.

In Witchcraft there are rituals that are sexual in nature but they are not orgies, and require the participants to be in a loving committed relationship with each other. There is no sexual perversion involved. Most witches (all of them I know at least) support the rights of homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, or any other persons rights as long as they are harming no one. We support the freedom to love! Just because other religions see it as a perversion I know many homosexual couples who have been in loving devoted relationships longer than most straight couples. If you watch the news you often hear of many "well respected" Christian pastors being accused of sexual assault, sexual perversion, and sexual deviance. If you asked, almost every child molester will tell you they are Christian. Witchcraft allows that the only restrictions placed on ones personal sex life be that if they hurt another individual (which includes taking advantage of the naivete' of those who are ignorant of right and wrong either because of age or mental capacity). I think the reason for most crimes of perversions are because of a religion putting too many taboos and restrictions on followers. They have some mental issue that causes them to pervert reality based on these religious restrictions. Anyone in the news who claims to have done anything like this in the name of witchcraft is a liar and a fraud. They are not real witches and most of the time they claim to have done it in the name of Satan. Since witches are neither Satanist nor Christians (Satan is a Christian concept) we do not do things in the name of Satan.

Most of the misconceptions linking witches to these beliefs of sexual perversion come from Christians wanting to scare followers away from the truth. They use these horrific tales to keep followers in line and to keep them from looking into information on other religions they see as competition. I will continue to share the REAL truth and fight against the ignorance that threatens to keep this world stuck in the dark ages. These tales are lies, those who chose to repeat them are liars and hate mongers. Ignorance like this is dangerous for anyone. It can destroy lives and relationships.

I think for this preacher to, first off, preach lies and second, involve my name or my covens name (whether they said it or not, I know they meant us because we are the only open coven in this town) is a disgusting travesty. The spread of fear, lies, and hate is a sad reality still. I pray that the Goddess and God touch their heart and open the eyes of their congregation to see the lies for what they are. Those people there who know me should know the truth and help to right the liar, and if these lies sway their trust in me then they were never true friends.

That is all I will say on this matter.

Blessed be,
Lady Alice