"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings

This month's new moon is here! September is the largest Harvest month and a time to start things new. Samhain is just around the corner bringing a new year and Mabon is soon here to give thanks. Thanks to the Goddess for her blessings and thanks to the God for the crops and seeds for the next year. Here is a ritual for new beginnings!

You will need:
A candle to represent the Goddess, I use silver.
Incense to cleanse you area
A piece of paper and a pen
4 items to honor the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water)

Cleanse you area, cast your circle and call the Elements. After calling the elements invoke the Goddess and ask her for her blessings.

Sit and meditate for a few minutes, thinking of the things you wish to have manifested in your life and how they will make changes for the better without harming anyone. On the paper write " I will manifest these things that I desire and need in my life and will do so without harm to anyone else"

Then write down what you need to create in your life, what ever it is you may need no matter how large as long as it harms none. Concentrate on these things happening and see them becoming real.

Release the Goddess, thanking her for the blessings she has already given you as well as those you have asked for tonight. Release the elements and the circle thanking them for their presence.
On the full moon take out your list and cross out any thing that has happened in your life since the new moon. On the next new moon repeat the ritual omitting any blessing that have come to pass. Create a new list each time until the list is fulfilled. Don't just use the crossed off list but make a new list each time.

Blessed be,
Lady Alice