"Merry Meet and Blessed Be!"

"Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust..."

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Full Moon Tonight

I've been trying to increase fertility for some things in certain areas of my life and I think this could help some of y'all as well. Fertility could be anything from getting a job to having a baby. The Goddess rules over this area and the full moon has the most influence from her.

Materials: 1 green practitioner candle
 1 white "full moon" goddess candle
 3 green rocks, 1 green glass
 1 or more green plant(s)
 1 fertility goddess symbol
 1 small piece of green paper, a pencil
 patchouli oil
 a cup of water
 a tbsp of salt
 1) Anoint candle w/patchouli (or musk). Set up alter as follows: place Goddess symbol at top center of alter. Place white candle at the left, slightly lower, to be left point of pentacle. Place green candle to the right, in line with white candle. Place the 3 rocks at the two lower points and in front of the Goddess symbol. Place the green glass in the center of the pentacle you have outlined. Put a pinch or two in the cup of water, and the rest in the bottom of the green glass. 
2) Center, cast your circle, and call the quarters inflecting on how each element can aid you in your request (i.e. - I call forth the East, Air by name, Upon your winds the seeds of life are sown, I now request your aid in the same, Aloft to the Goddess, make my request known.) 
3) Invoke the Goddess inflecting on how each is essential for both fertilization and sustenance of life. 
4) State your purpose and reason for wanting to be or become fertile with a new life. 
5) Do your actual working. I did this by reciting a fertility request poem to the Goddess, asking her for a "late-life" chance at motherhood. I wrote my request on the green paper, and envisioned the child and I enjoying each other's company, and that of their older sister. I then burnt the paper in the flame of the green candle and dropped it in the green glass. The salt at the bottom absorbed most of the heat and kept the glass from cracking. I then doused the smoldering request with the salt water from the cup. "From Earth (paper), Sea (salt and water), Fire (flame), and Air (feeding the flame) we all began and shall end." 
6) Thank Goddess and turn the request totally over to them. 
7)Thank and release the quarters in the opposite direction as called (i.e. - I release to the North, Earth from this rite, With humble gratitude, Your assistance this night.) 
8) Open the circle. Grounding may include releasing any extra energy to the plants you invited, the 3 green stones, or cleaning your altar and tools.

Blessed be,